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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Repairs & Reseals
Pattern Imprinted Concrete Repairs &Reseals


Here we had a driveway that was in constant use with vehicles cutting the corner across the weakest part of the entrance.




This was quickly and simply fixed by replacing the corner that had broken away and then recolouring the soldier coarse around the job.



This driveway needed a routine reseal as it had been 10yrs since it was last resealed.



A fairly straight forward process to bring this driveway back to its former glory. Our engineers washed the driveway on the monday, the resealed it on the saturday which was the first available dry day.

Unfortunatly the water board had to fix a leak under this Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway in the Hampshire area and had to cut a section out to access the problem. They tried to Repair the Damaged Pattern Imprinted Concrete but lacked the knowledge required for an invisible repair.                   

Less than two weeks after PICR was called to remove and replace the repair that the home owner had been left with, PICR repaired the damaged area like new and was no longer visible, using the right equiptment and expert knowledge that they have in the pattern imprinted concrete industry. Nearly 30 years experience!

An executve house in the Basingstoke area with an unloved Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway.           

What a difference a Reseal made to this Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway which now compliment this executive property!

Here we have a nice Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveway in the Guilford area that just needed a reseal to protect it and keep it looking good.

As you can see the house holder had the good sence to call PICR to Reseal there Pattern imprinted concrete Driveway to keep it looking good.

A nice Pattern Imprinted Driveway but in need of a Reseal to bring out the true colours

A picturesque bungalow with a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway in the Gloucester area. Driveway is in need of a reseal.

A Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway that has recently had a reseal in the Oxford area.

A picturesque bungalow with a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway in the Gloucester area with a newly resealed driveway. What a difference!

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